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During the phase of diagnosis you/he/she is established if the damage were physical (hardware), logical (software) or both and if reparations were necessary of the support to be able to access the data.

If from the first phase of diagnosis it had to result that the data are not recoverable the support you/he/she will be returned to the client without any debit.

Ended the first phase of diagnosis you will be submitted an estimate to the Client for the definitive recovery of the data (in the case the support physically resulted entire) or for the provisional reparation of the same to be able to access the data and to continue with the second phase of the diagnosis (in the case in which the support physically resulted damaged), preventive that will owe to be approved for the pursuance of the job. The procedure doesn't foresee the definitive reparation of the original support however.

The cost for the recovery of the data depends on the difficulty of the recovery, from the operating system, from the employed time, from the dimension of the support and from the quantity of the data to recover, it is not therefore possible to make a forecast before an accurate analysis of the disk.

If it had to become himself/herself/themselves necessary the reparation of the support to be able to proceed to the attempt of recovery, the cost of the same one it depends on the gravity of the damage, from the difficulty to retrieve possible pieces of exchange and from their cost.

In the case in which the data resulted recoverable but the Client didn't accept the estimate for the recovery a cost forfetario you/he/she will be debited only what contribution for the expenses sustained for the diagnosis:

Per file system FAT e interfaccia IDE € 186
Per file system NTFS e interfaccia IDE € 279
Per interfacce diverse dalla IDE o EIDE sovrapprezzo di € 93

In any case he will proceed to the recovery without the acceptance of the estimate from the client however.

The times to communicate the results of the analysis and the estimate can vary from the few times from the arrival of the support to our laboratory to some days; only in particularly serious cases whole analysis can overcome the 5 working days.

The payment generally happens with I banking to the acceptance of the estimate or countersign to the restitution of the support in the case in which the estimate was not accepted.

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