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If you have probably landed to this site you have suffered a serious loss of data.

All of this that we ask You is to fill out the form of application and to send us Your damaged support.

if we didn't have to succeed in recovering Your data, WON'T BE DEBITED YOU NOTHING!


The loss of data is more frequent than can be imagined and, despite the held precautions the most opportune are taken, can happen that the support of the data is damaged.

With a twenty-year experience in the planning and realization hardware and software for analogical and digital diagnostic systems, can offer you the maximum guarantee for the recovery of data presents on the memories of mass when these are not more usable because of damages provoked by every type of virus, accidental formatting, cancellation of the FAT, errors of application, abrupt interruptions of feeding, computer piracy, physical damages or similar events.

They are very often done more damages of those already existing in to try to recover data with non appropriate methods, the normal disks doctors write on the damaged support in the attempt to recover the data. Not use some system that in the process of recovery of the data writes on the original support: this could definitely make impossible every recovery.
Necessary condition for a positive result of the operation of recovery of the data is the dispatch of the support without some preceding attempt of copy or physical manipulation from the consumer.

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