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In case of assent of the client to the recovery, the magnetic support will be submitted to the procedures of laboratory with the tools, the methods and the techniques matured in years of experience hardware and software. In the most greater part of the cases it will be possible the suit restoration

The recovered data are generally transferred on CD-ROM, on specific application of the client it is possible to arrange the transfer of the data on another type of support, not excluded the original support to condition that these is physically entire.

In lack of different accords a backup copy stays preserved in our laboratory for a period of eight days after the delivery of the data to the client. Spent this period him it supposes that the data have been verified and held complete, the copy comes therefore definitely railing.

As it regards the reservation, we hock since there not to use for whatever end or to spread information of reserved character with which we accidentally had to come in contact during an intervention on the data of the Client.

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